Our List of Services Includes;

Restaurant & Catering Services
Our ever-expanding restaurant offers a variety of dishes you and your guests can enjoy. These range from snacks to fully fledged meals that will make you filled with happiness. We Furthermore procure outside catering services from vetted providers, if you require specific dishes for your special occasion not provided in-house.

Swimming Pool
The property also has a swimming pool for those who wish to engage in a relaxing swimming session. And for those who don’t yet know how to swim, we have swimming classes too. We take cleanliness as well as pool safety very seriously, so you and your loved ones can enjoy your time with us.

Nashepa Gardens provides excellent outdoor spaces to accommodate both small and large wedding ceremonies and receptions. Our grounds further offer you excellent shoot opportunities with the Ngong hills backdrop, to give you long lasting memorable photos. Let us know what you expect for your ceremony and we shall make it a reality.

Graduations & Chamas
We cater to graduation ceremonies and chama meetings for both institutions and private individuals alike. Size is not an issue with us as we are here to make your planning easier and budget friendly. We suggest you reach out to us early enough so we can meet all your expectations and requirements.

We know the importance of team building activities on a workforce’s effectiveness and efficiency while carrying out set out tasks down the road. With this knowledge, we carry out challenges in the form of games, bonding, and problem-solving activities that help build cohesion in teams. The fact that we are on the outskirts of Nairobi means that your group will have a chance to unwind and bond successfully; driving you the results you require.

Birthday Parties & Baby Showers
Our gardens offer you the perfect location to host your birthday parties, anniversaries and baby showers. We cater to both young and mature parties, where children can play at the kid's corner while adults can make use of our restaurant and fields. Also, feel free to give us a call in regards to any special inquiries you may have.